Trump says Taliban could Finish Afghan Government

Trump says Taliban could Finish Afghan Government

United States president says that its might possible Taliban could overrun the afghan national army. Remarks of Trump come aimed turmoil over a peace signed between the Taliban and United States could see the withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan.

A resumption of Taliban militry operations and wranglings over a prisoner exchange between Kabul and the militant group threaten to derail inked Feb. 29 in Doha Qatar.

NBC’s news reported, citing three US officials that American government has intelligence that the Taliban do not intend to live up to their commitments in the deal.

During a signing ceremony at the White House Friday, Trump said “It’s not supposed to happen that way the Taliban do not intended to live up to their commitments in the deal.

During the signing ceremony at the While house Friday, Donald Trump says that “It’s not supposed to happen that way, but it possibly will,” when asked if the Taliban will overrun the Afghan government after US forces leave.

“We can’t be there for the next —-20 years,” Trump said, Trump explained that the afghan government needs to start protecting itself and expressed hope that Afghans were capable of defending themselves over the long term.

“You know, this should have been done a long time ago. But you can only hold somebody’s hand for so long, We have to get back to running our country too,” It’s the statement of trump at the White House.

At the Fox News hall town in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Trump expressed some optimism about the peace and suggested Taliban fighters may be growing tired of fighting on the battlefield.

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