Tips to Ace your Escape Room Experience

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In today’s world, escape rooms are one of the most enjoyable activities if you want to let off

some steam. Ironically, people escape INTO these rooms as a form of escape from their

mundane and tedious schedules, so it would be a shame if you could not enjoy it to

the maximum.

“Hmm, what could go wrong anyway?”, you wonder. A group of people coordinating to

work towards a common goal in a closed space, often having miscommunications and hence

leading to them missing the deadline: sound dangerously close to the average office space?

In order for you to derive maximum pleasure from your escape room experience (and to

avoid the toxicity), here are a few tips you could follow!

Go with your people

This might seem a bit confusing; let me explain. Escape rooms require a lot of coordination

and team effort, and going with strangers or with people you don’t get along with might not

be a good idea. Many people packed in a tight, closed space is the perfect setting for flaring

tempers and heated debates.

Instead, go with a bunch of friends or people who you feel are on your wavelength. Unlike a

movie, this requires active participation, so the people you go with make a huge difference.

Put team orders over individual

Again, escape rooms may be of the most exciting activities out there but require a lot of

teamwork and coordination. One person trying to grab the limelight and dictate the others

around does not sound very fun, does it?

Take decisions as a group, plan what to do next, and hold quick two-minute brainstorm

sessions if you’re stuck on any puzzles. This way, everyone feels included and has their share

of the fun.


If there was one point I could embed into every escape room goer’s mind, it would be this:

listen. Listen to other’s points, listen to their possible solutions and explanations, and keep

your own biases aside when you do so. Crucial clues are often overlooked because people

ignore the person who found them.

The #1 problem of miscommunicating during escape room adventures would be solved if

people kept mum and listened a bit more. This way, the atmosphere is much, much less

frustrating and a lot calmer.

Yelling’s not always bad

Continuing on the same vein: shouting is somewhat of a double-edged sword when it comes

to escape rooms.

On the one hand, many people shouting at the same time is the best way of ensuring that

everyone goes home unhappy. But, if maintained under a limit, a chaotic and active

environment brings out the best in many people. Shouting out clues or answers is the

shortest, most efficient form of communication: if used correctly

If you find an integral clue that you feel everyone must be alerted to, immediately shouting

it out and drawing attention might be the best option. Or if everyone’s searching for the one

last missing piece and you get it, letting everyone know immediately saves time. Judge the

situation before letting out a primal scream.

Work on different problems

There’s a reason that escape rooms as group activities make the best use of your ‘strength in

numbers. Everyone crowding around the same table working on a single puzzle is merely a

waste of time and manpower: go for the divide and conquer method.

Distribute tasks in a way that plays to everyone’s strengths and takes up multiple threads of

the mystery simultaneously. This gives you a much better chance of finishing it, and again,

everyone gets their share of fun.

It’s a game, after all, have fun

Of course, the unsaid rule of any leisure activity. Though escape rooms might be adventures

on their own, they’re constructed in such a way that people either do not get through the

whole mystery or complete it in the final minutes.

Caught up in trying to solve the puzzles, don’t forget why you’re in the room in the first

place. Have fun, laugh off mistakes that people make and if you’re not able to complete the

entire course in time, be a sport. After all, you wouldn’t want to go back to sulking until your

next workday starts!

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