December 9, 2019

Its another flood of information in internet world

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) request to ministers to avoid predictions on ongoing investigations and cases.


He said”Some time ministers give such statements. But how will their vote bank be secured if they do not give such sentiments? I request ministers{…..} to at least try to avoid making predictions cases.

Iqbal said that there was nothing “intelligent” about predictions someone arrest before it actually happens.

The chairman was speaking at a ceremony on International Anti-corruption day in Islamabad, attended by President Dr. Arif Alvi, National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser and various ministers.

The NAB chairman said that the bureau is always accused of looking in one direction [at one group of people].

“The direction of the winds are changing. You will feel this in the coming weeks,” he said, adding that there should be some distinction between those parties which ruled 30 to 35 years and those who have been in power for 12-14 months.

He said that NAB holds no grudges against anyone. This is not the first time the NAB chairman has talked about the bureau’s impartiality. In July, in an apparent rebuttal to the criticism being mounted by the opposition parties against the bureau, Iqbal asked why the watchdog should seek political revenge against any particular individual.

The anticorruption watchdog over the past two years has snared senior politicians—including former priminister Asif Ali Zardari and government officials—-for allegedly being involved in corrupt practices. Many politicians from PPP as well as PMLN have criticized the bureau and called its accountability process “selective”. PPP chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in many of his press conferences and rallies has termed NAB a “black law” that was made by a dictator.

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