HAR PAL GEO: New drama serial ‘Muqaddar’ go on air from Monday

HAR PAL GEO: New drama serial ‘Muqaddar’ go on air from Monday

Prepared Pakistani entertainer Faisal Qureshi stood out as truly newsworthy a year ago when he was hit by an elastic slug during the shoot of one of his dramatizations.

The entertainer got awards for his responsibility towards his work when reports rose that he had kept shooting in spite of being harmed on the arrangements of his up and coming task.

He was hit on his back by an elastic slug, when it was just intended to be taken shots at his chest, which was coat secured.

“Two shots turned out fine however something turned out badly with the following two,” Quraishi had told media after the episode, including that his tissues got harmed and he was in a ton of torment.

The reports of Faisal getting harmed left fans stressed however soon their anxiety evoked their interest towards the dramatization for which the on-screen character was going for.

The title of the venture which until now stayed obscure has at last been uncovered.

The scene during which the entertainer continued the damage was being gone for Geo Entertainment’s dramatization sequential, Muqaddar.

Co-delivered by Abdullah Kadwaani and Asad Qureshi, Muqaddar will air on Geo from Monday night, February 17.

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