Coronavirus: Finally Germany decided to close borders

Coronavirus: Finally Germany decided to close borders

Germany has become the latest country to close boarders as other European countries. It also an act to stop to spread of coronavirus.

Its boarder with franc, Austria and Switzerland were shut down on Monday morning, except for commercial traffic.

France is considring more stringent lockdown, with its health cheif saying the situation is “deteriorating fast”.

The Latest World Health Organization(WHO) figures list 164,000 confirmed cases and 6,470 deaths world wide.

However, last week it said Europe was now the “epicentre” of the virus and urged governments to act aggressively to control the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

A visual guide to the pandemic.

Leaders of the G7 nations are to hold a video conference on Monday to discuss a joint response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ce4ntral bank arround the world, including the US Federal Reverse and those in the Uk, Japan, Canada and Switzerland have cut interest rates and taken other measures to try to curb the economic turmoil, but stock markets in Asia and Europe still fell.

The EU’s internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said a recession was now expected, with a 2.25% negative growth.

Airlines are also continuing to slash flights as demand slumps.

Reaction of Germany.

Germany had tried to resist closing its boarders, to try to keep the Schengen agreement on free travel between Eurpean countries between working, but traffic crossing the boarders with three neighbours and also Luxembourg will now be restricted to goods and peoles commuting for work.

The aim is to stem the spread of the virus but also to curtail cross border panic buying German media reported. Only thr borders with the Netherlands and Belgium are as yet unaffected.

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