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Development, Innovation and Management in Construction companies

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Technological Development, And Innovation

We have just published an article where we analyze the impact of research, technological development, and innovation (on the performance of construction companies. This article is part of our research line. For Quality Work we are best in Construction companies in Lahore.

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Innovation In Construction Companies

Deciding whether certain factors should consider drivers of innovation in construction companies is crucial to improving their performance and survival in an environment that is changing rapidly. Over the years, construction companies have considered traditional and lacking in innovation.

Successful Instruments for Benefit of Organizations

However, several studies have confirmed that this perception of the sector is evolving and that successful instruments from other industries are gradually being adapted to the benefit of construction. In this article that we present, the objective has been to investigate the possible factors that affect the performance of these organizations. We are best Construction companies in Lahore.

Factors For State of The Art and Methodology

18 factors related to individual levels identified, of group and organization through a review of the state of the art and a methodology. These validate by experienced professionals. A questionnaire sent to people who work in the sector at the national level to find out their opinions.

Results Of the Ranking Analysis

The results of the ranking analysis indicate that “technology and equipment” and “software acquisition” considered the two most significant factors.

Furthermore, these 18 factors can classify into 7 groups:

  1.  internal drivers of innovation;
  2.  innovation within the organization;
  3.  technological innovation;
  4. technological links with the environment;
  5. external drivers of innovation;
  6. process innovation;
  7. culture of innovation in the company

Innovation in processes is the one with the highest level of impact.

Advancement In Development

Concluding whether certain elements ought to view as drivers of advancement in development firms is vital as far as working on their presentation and endurance in a climate that is changing huge amounts at a time. Consistently, development organizations have viewed as customary and without the inclination to improve.

Developing Businesses

Notwithstanding, a few examinations have affirmed that this view of the area is developing and that fruitful instruments from different businesses adjusted step by step to serve the business. The target of this paper is subsequently to examine the potential variables influencing the exhibition of these associations. Eighteen elements connected with the individual, bunch, and hierarchical levels distinguished through a survey and of the writing.

Perspectives Of Innovation and Hardware

And an instrument fostered that approved by experienced experts. A poll shipped off 103 individuals working in the area at the public level to get their perspectives. The consequences of the order examination show that “innovation and hardware” and “programming securing” views as the two most critical elements.

Moreover, these 18 elements characterized into 7 gatherings:

  •  Interior drivers of development;
  • Development inside the association;
  • Mechanical development;
  • Mechanical connections with the climate;
  • Outer drivers of development;
  • Advancement in processes;
  • A culture of advancement in the organization.

Advancement in processes has the most elevated level of effect.

Management In Construction Companies

The Organization of a Machinery Park

Construction companies have machinery parks that manage machines, equipment, and spare parts. These parks vary depending on the size and nature of the construction company. Large companies have a large central park and smaller area parks. The staff of the park represents between 5 and 10% of the total of the company, percentages that increase if the operators and the machinists considered.

The dimensioning, organization, and control of the stock of a park depends on the demand for machinery by each work and the delivery time. These factors are sometimes known in terms of probability and in other cases are unknown. The machinery parks constituted in regulatory “reservoirs” that allow the balance between the real flows of input and output.

An Organization Model for A Machinery Park

Example of an organization model for a machinery park

The structure of a machinery park depends on the organization, size, geographical extension, specialization, and degree of mechanization of the construction company. Among the activities carried out by the park are the acquisition of machines, their maintenance, and their disposal when their use is unproductive or unnecessary.

Machinery Park Organized ( Construction companies in Lahore )

A machinery park organized into a set of departments or sections that could typically be the following:

Acquisitions and coordination:

Plans the acquisition of machines based on the needs for renewal and the evolution of the company’s market, without forgetting the specific needs that arise with the award of works.


It oversees all the documentation files, both technical and economic.


Plans and controls maintenance work on machines both on site and in the workshop.

Installation project:

The task is to study and carry out all the installations that require for the works and for the tenders.

Inventories and statistics:

Update machinery inventories.


Studies new machines and their application to construction sites, new systems for already known machines, tests with their own machines, etc.


Deals with the registration of the company’s machines and vehicles and all the procedures related to them.

The Park completely integrated for the organization of some companies, while in others it acts independently, passing charges to its own company for the use of the machinery.

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