Breaking News Taliban Attack. Nine Afghan Soldiers are Killed

Nine Afghan Soldiers are killed in Taliban Attack in central Afghanistan, the military said on Saturday, underscoring the danger Afghan forces face from within their own ranks. The Afghan National Army troops “Fawad Aman latter told AFP the troops had been killed by Taliban infiltrators.

Such attacks, sometimes referred to as “green on green,” are a constant threat in the ware turn country for international Afghan forces alike. Aman denied a report from a member of Ghazni’s provincial council that 23 Afghan security forces had been killed. The Taliban meanwhile, claimed they had overrun as “enemy base” in the Qarabagh district of Ghazani province and killed dozens of security forces.

Fridays’ attack underscores the ongoing dangers Afghan and allied forces from Taliban fighters pretending to be loyal to the government, on July 20199, an Afghan soldier shot and killed an influential Afghan army base in Kandahar.

That came two weeks after another Afghan Soldier an influential Afghan army colonel while he was conducting security assignments in Ghazni province. The Continued violence come as the US and the Taliban hold on again of again talks aimed at ending the American longest war.

We also told you that One US soldier was killed and another wounded in an “apparent insider attack” in Kabul at 3 November

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the third so-called “green-on-blue” attacks in less than three weeks that have rattled foreign troops tasked with training and assisting the war-torn country’s military.

The Taliban claimed two similar attacks in the western province of Herat on October 22 and the southern province of Kandahar On October 18.

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