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Tools and Resources for Maintenance of Power Backup Systems

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Power Backup Systems

Power backup systems require precise attention so that their useful life reaches the values ​​specified by their manufacturers. For this reason, we share this article in which we intend to describe in a simple way the aspects that covered in a UPS maintenance service. ( APC distributor in Pakistan ).

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It is very important to identify the difference between maintenance and repair of UPS equipment.

Maintenance Of Equipment

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A maintenance applies to equipment that is in good condition and functioning without problems. The initial status will be determined at the first visit. ( APC distributor in Pakistan ).

After the maintenance visit, a copy of the report delivered to the site in which the activities carried out. Technical recommendations and the state in which the equipment received and left specified. If in the first maintenance visit or in the only visit an equipment found out of service and/or with faults, it will inform and later a respective diagnostic report will send.

Batteries not included in the maintenance with spare parts. (Unless the quote includes it). If these are damaged or in poor condition, they will replace, after approval of the corresponding quote.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance focuses on investigating the status of the different parts of the UPS through measurements and data analysis in an organized database that allows the evolution of each parameter to see over time to detect and quantify its aging or deterioration. Gradual (Fault Prediction) and that allows coordinating the replacement with enough time not to cause problems to the user. ( APC distributor in Pakistan ).

Increase Its Reliability

On the other hand, every installation can improve to increase its reliability and, therefore, it is the responsibility of the maintenance technician or engineer to suggest improvements that can always makes in the field of safety, versatility, reliability, etc.

Another aspect that must reviews is the aging of the components, which must compare with their useful life, according to the design of the respective manufacturers to suggest their replacement before reaching the design useful life. This is especially important in the case of fans and batteries. ( APC distributor in Pakistan ).

Variables To Detect Failures

There are many variables that can measure, but the most important and that allow failures to detect prematurely are the following:

  • Input and output voltage measurements
  • Input and output current measurements

 Measurements of input and output frequencies, synchronization check of the Bypass system.

Wave Form Measurements

Wave Form Measurements in the three output phases of the unit, which allows diagnosing all the components of the inverter. And, eventually discovering problems in the equipment powered by the UPS.

Temperature Measurements

Temperature Measurements of components such as semiconductors, transformers, batteries, inductances, heat sinks, power electrical contacts and the same air that comes out of the fans, which allows detecting any change or failure in the cooling system or in the components themselves.

  • Voltage measurement to each one of the Batteries.
  • AC or ripple current measurement of battery banks.
  • Battery current distribution measurement.
  • Measurement of the voltages of the power sources of the control logic.
  • Visual verification of components to detect fluid leaks, color changes, etc.
  • Vibration checks to try to diagnose misalignments.

Compilation and Analysis of the information provided by the self-diagnosis system and configuration of the machine, including the history of events and alarms.

Performing Automatic Battery Tests

Performing automatic battery tests when the unit allows it and collecting performance data.

Other actions that eventually carries out in Preventive Maintenance are:

  • General cleaning of the unit when the level of contamination warrants it.
  • Connection tightening review once a year.
  • Cleaning sulfated contacts in batteries.

Tools For Online Analysis

For the execution of these works, the coordination of an electrical engineer or technician with sufficient experience and with all the tools that allow him to take the exact data requires, together with the computer equipment and the necessary software for the organization of the information and automated on-site and online analysis of collected data.

Recount Of the Tools and Resources

APC distributor in Pakistan

Although later a recount of the tools and resources available to carry out not only preventive but corrective work made, the main tools that can uses in maintenance such as the one described will mention here:

  • INFRARED emission thermometer with variable emissivity.
  • TRUE – RMS type multimeter, with frequency meter.
  • TRUE – RMS type ammeter, with direct current measurement.
  • Laptop with communications cable and software to communicate with the UPS microprocessor, when required
  • High power, variable speed blower.
  • Dust vacuum cleaner.
  • Various tools in general.

However, the most important thing that offers in this job is the coordination of engineers with experience and background in the field of UPS, professional university training, honesty, professionalism and the dedication of our technicians and engineers.

Generalities Of a Corrective Maintenance

Below is the type of failure given in normal conditions of use and operation and within the technical specifications of the equipment.

Fan Failure Due To Poor Quality And Aging:

It also occurs frequently and causes serious damage to the UPS.

Catastrophic Failure Of Power Semiconductors:

It happens due to material fatigue and is unpredictable, it is also the most expensive failure since it involves very valuable semiconductors, control cards and fuses. It generally produces a total collapse of the UPS with loss of information for the user.

Dc And Ac Capacitor Failure:

This is not always a catastrophic failure but it usually degrades the performance of the UPS and puts it out of service.

Control Circuit Failure:

This is a failure that disables the UPS and often causes catastrophic unit problems due to the extremely high amounts of energy handled by the power semiconductors governed by sophisticated control logic. All it takes is a millionth of a second error in the control logic to cause catastrophic and very costly damage to the UPS.

Failure In Transformers and Inductances:

It is rare but when it happens, it damages other components of the machine such as semiconductors, fuses, etc. and triggers a catastrophic failure, with a total loss of electrical power.

Connection Failure:

It usually occurs externally to the UPS or in the batteries and is naturally serious since it puts the UPS out of service.

Semiconductor And Control Circuit Failures

Semiconductor and control circuit failures not always caused by material fatigue and often originate because of external disturbances in the electrical fluid.

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