Amazon Change his shipping policy and ensure free delivery for Palestine due to shipping Scandal

Amazon Change his shipping policy and ensure free delivery for Palestine due to shipping Scandal

Amazon will provide free shipping facility if someone order from Palestine according to the Palestine News and Info Agency(WAFA). The Palestine ministry of Telecom Information and Technology(MT IT) reported the news about Amazon’s new announcement on .

Amazon’s move follows the legal action that Palestine took against Amazon on 18th Feb. According to the financial times report, a person who living in Palestine said their address as being in the “Palestinian Territories” were prompted to pay shipping and handling fee 24 dollars.

The ministry of Telecom and Information Technology, Ministry of national economy, Ministry of Finance, and the universal Postal Union sent a latter to the American e-commerce about the policy of tax. When a person select Palestine then the tax rate is too much high as compare to other countries

“In the scope of advancing a favourable outcome for the Palestinian people and for Amazon, we write to invite you to redress the inequities and discriminatry practice espoused by this Amazon policy,” the latter reads.

1st of all Amazon reaction to the accusations was a strong rejection, justifing their action as a ” logistic issue.”

An official response came in an email to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “In november, we launched a free shipping promotion for custmers within Israel,” Amazon’s spokesperson, Nick Caplin stated in the email.

“This does not include the Palestine Territories, as we cannot guarantee the high standard of delivery experience that Amazon customers expect.” Consumers have long accused the American company of bias and links to Israel.

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