6 Peoples Die in India While Protest against contentious citizenship law

The death toll from violent protests in north India against a contentious citizenship law has risen to six, officals said on Sunday, as authorities maintained internet bans and curfews to quell unrest.

Tensions remained high at the epicenter of the unrest in Assam state’s biggest city, Guwahati, with troops patrolling the streets in vehicles amid tight security.

Some 5,000 Peoples took part in a fresh demonstration in Guwahati on Sunday, with hundreds of Police watching on as they sang, chanted and carried banners with the words “long live Assam”.

Officals said Oid and gas production in the state was hit by the curfew, although the restrictions were eased during the day on Sunday with some shops opening. The legislation, passed by the national parliament on Wednesday, allows New Delhi to grant citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants who entered India from three neighboring countries on or before December 31, 2014, but not if they are Muslims.

In Assam, four peoples died after being shot by police, while another was killed when a shop he was sleeping in was set on fire and a sixth after he was beaten up during a protest, officals said.

In West Bengal state, where protests stretched into a third day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who has spoken out against the national government’s push for the law suspended internet services in several districts.

Demonstrators set fire to tires, staged sit-ines on highways and railways tracks, and torched trains and buses, with riot police brought in to disperse protesters patrolling the streets in vehicles amid tight security.

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