12 Science Based Health Benefits of Cocoa

Cocoa, aka cocoa beans, has many essential benefits for the body if you consume it regularly and correctly. What are the services? Check out the complete information below!

Cocoa and its Nutrients

Do you like to eat chocolate? So, the chocolate you consume — both in the form of Food and drinks — actually comes from the cocoa plant’s seeds, which we commonly known as Cocoa. The cocoa or cocoa beans are then prepared into powder to be used as a raw material in making Food and beverages.

The rich taste, form, and enrapturing essence – everything regarding it, proves the ‘Food of the Gods’ assigned to it by the Mayans.

One such blissful pleasure that many of you may have felt is that of gratifying in a hot cup of cocoa Powder with whipped cream on the top on a cold winter morning.

Cocoa seeds include several essential mixtures and elements, including:






Let’s have a look at 12 Science Proved Health Benefits obtained from Cocoa:

Regulating Sugar in Type 2 Diabetes

You should avoid consuming chocolate-flavored food and beverage products with high sugar content if you have type 2 diabetes. However, the opposite is true for Cocoa.

Instead of avoiding it, people with diabetes are strongly advised to consume natural cocoa powder. According to several studies, Cocoa can help control blood sugar levels in patients with this disease because it contains compounds called Flavanols.

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These Flavanols work by reducing the level of insulin sensitivity in the body. Meanwhile, cocoa functions to reduce the risk of developing diabetes in the future through its Flavanol content for those who are still healthy.

Prevent Heart disorders

Still, from its Flavanol content, Cocoa’s health advantages are no less significant to prevent or at least minimize cardiovascular disease risk, namely heart disease and stroke. Because according to several studies, Flavanols also play a role in increasing levels of nitric oxide in the blood, which can relax blood vessels so that blood flow is smooth.

These flavanols also work by reducing levels of LDL fat, aka “bad” cholesterol. As we know, one of the triggers for heart attack and stroke is the obstruction of blood flow due to narrowing of blood vessels, one of which is due to cholesterol buildup.

Decreasing Blood Pressure

Those who have high blood pressure can also consume Cocoa to overcome these health problems. The benefits of this one chocolate seed have been scientifically proven. A study revealed that consumption of 1.4-105 grams of Cocoa could reduce blood pressure by two mmHg.

Although cocoa beans’ effectiveness in reducing blood pressure is greater in those who suffer from hypertension, those of you whose blood pressure is still relatively normal also don’t hurt to consume Cocoa to keep blood pressure stable regularly.

Improves Brain Function

Returning to the polyphenol content, another benefit of Cocoa is to care for brain health. This organ can always function optimally—the polyphenols in cocoa work by increasing blood flow to the brain. Thus, the intake of oxygen and nutrients for the mind is fulfilled.

A 2-week study involving 34 respondents discovered that those who regularly consumed cocoa beans had a 10 percent increase in blood flow to the brain. This is certainly good news and provides hope for you to avoid Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Improves Mood

Have you been in a bad mood or Mood recently? If so, then one of the natural ways you can overcome this is by consuming chocolate with natural cocoa content without too many other additives. The reason is, one of the benefits of cocoa beans is also to improve Mood, as well as to overcome several different mental conditions such as stress and even depression.

A study reported that cocoa consumption, vibrant in polyphenol and flavanol content, is sufficient to relax the mind and cause happiness feelings.

Helps to Control Weight

According to research, consuming Cocoa that has been processed into snacks and drinks can help provide a longer full effect. Of course, this is good news for those in a weight loss program or maintaining ideal body weight.

With this effect, the frequency of eating can be minimized. However, this still requires further research. The reason is, some researchers have discovered that eating chocolate can make you gain weight.

Healing Wounds

Cocoa has long been used as a medicine or natural remedy to treat skin wounds. Although there is not much clinical evidence to support this, the fact is that cocoa beans contain organic components that can aid in skin regeneration and have antimicrobial properties.

Prevents the Chance of Cancer

The flavanol content in these seeds can also reduce your risk of developing dangerous diseases in the future. What is the name of the disease? Yes, cancer.

Analysis of the cocoa ingredient discovered that this bean has an antioxidant effect. Thus, consuming Cocoa can protect cells from damage to reactive molecules, fight inflammation, inhibit cell growth, kill cancer cells, and help prevent the spread of cancer cells.

Investigations in humans have confirmed that flavanol intake from Cocoa can also lower cancer risk. However, this has not been confirmed as several other studies have not found this advantage and have even revealed a risen hazard.

Relieve Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is a persistent inflammatory disorder that obstructs the respiratory tract. Consumption of Cocoa is one of the natural ways people living with asthma can relieve their symptoms.

Why is that? The answer is none other than because the seeds contain compounds called theobromine and theophylline. Based on several studies, these two compounds can help widen the respiratory tract, make it more relaxed, and reduce inflammation.

Unfortunately, this still requires further research so that it can be said to be healthy. The research that has been performed is still limited and only makes animals the object of research. There have been no controlled studies with human objects.

Caring for Dental and Oral Health

Several types of research have examined the effects of Cocoa on oral health. As an end, Cocoa contains many mixtures with antibacterial and antienzymatic features that can offer to oral health.

In one research, rats affected with oral bacteria managed to avoid significant cavity problems after using a product containing cocoa bean extract. However, it cannot be confirmed whether the same effect also applies to humans because no studies have been conducted.

Maintain Skin Health and Beauty

Having healthy and beautiful skin is undoubtedly everyone’s dream. Cocoa beans are a natural solution for those of you who want to make this happen.

According to several research types, the polyphenol content in Cocoa makes these beans positively impact skin health. Cocoa effectively increases blood circulation to the skin, protects the skin from the sun, and keeps the skin hydrated.

Increase Energy

A glassful of chocolate milk in the morning or a chocolate snack bar during the day effectively increases the body’s energy. Is that right?

There is no specific explanation regarding the benefits of this one, Cocoa. However, it doesn’t hurt if you try to prove it.

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